Magical Consulting

About a year ago I created a small apothecary in my home. I hand make soy candles, spell candles with herbs and oils mixed into the melted wax, I nurture my herbs, and even had created some spell kits. Some time went by and because I was selling them through a magazine website (not a place people are purchasing supplies traditionally) I didn't have many sales. But I kept pouring wax, mixing oils, and enjoying my little apothecary anyways.


Just today someone ordered a spell kit and some supplies and as I put their package together (pouring wax for a taper candle, transferring my large jars of oils into little jars, etc) my heart sang and I remembered why I loved this work so much. So I'm bringing my services here that bring me so much joy. Because I am a busy bee I don't have a ton of time available but if you want to reach out, I'd love to find time. 


Services Available

  • Card Readings

  • Spell consulting

  • Medium support

  • Magical Guidance

All available over Skype, Phone, Audio recording, or Email. 

Spell consulting is email only.


  • Card Readings ($40 per reading - up to an hour)

  • Spell consulting (No price for the consultation, you only pay for any supplies I create for you and your magical working)

  • Medium support ($30 for an hour)

  • Magical Guidance ($30 for an hour)

Reach Out