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Raffle Closed, We Raised Over $600

Winners Contacted

Someone within our community, who has been a supporter of many witch creators, including myself for almost 10 years reached out to me because they are going through a crisis. Job loss has plunged this family into a sudden and scary situation that is all to real and looming for many in this economy. She had purchased our classes, books, services. She has shared our posts, blogs, and work for many many years. Now she is in a position where credit cards are maxed and rent is due. 

​The following items and services have been donated to support this person. 100% of the raffle dollars will be sent to this person's venmo, and I will post receipts for transparency on my socials. 

How it works: 

1. Send $1 to enter into the raffle of any of the items or services below. Send to Venmo: TonyaWitch (bypass last 4 request) and in the comments tell me what item you're entering in and your email address. 

2. Every $1 enters 1 entry. 

3. Winners will be randomly chosen using a random number generator and will be contacted July 6th/  

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