The Witch Daily Show Oracle Project

Listener Annika wrote in asking about divination tools, specifically card decks, wanting to use them with no money to purchase them. I recommending making her own cards from card stock and then she can make them specific to her and her life. 

I thought it would be fun for us to collaborate to create cards that can be downloaded and printed for anyone wanting to make their own cards. 

We will then created a limited number of professionally printed cards for the podcast listeners with a booklet with the cards, their meaning, how to read them, and the names of all the people who contributed.


Purchase the Printed limited edition decks

150 printed - numbered

Available for Download!


The Illustrator

Printed deck comes with 38 full color cards with protective coating. A 38 page full color booklet with spreads and card descriptions. A black and silver velvet bag for storing deck.